Member Benefits

The purpose of the PPLA is captured in the By-Laws of the organization:

  1. To promote and improve patient safety, through the use of accessible, relevant and understandable printed medication information that accompanies drug products;
  2. To provide a forum for promoting and improving the delivery of information for the protection of patients and to support health care professionals;
  3. To advocate the benefits and continuing need for pharmaceutical printed literature to legislative and regulatory agencies;
  4. To serve as a liaison between manufacturers of pharmaceutical printed package information and: governmental bodies, the media, and the general public;
  5. To increase the body of knowledge, and provide education regarding the importance of printed literature in ensuring that medications are stored, ingested, and disposed of properly;
  6. To engage in other cooperative activities with related industry groups, the public, and other parties interested in the purposes of the PPLA;
  7. To do all other things reasonably incidental to the above purposes which are necessary, convenient or expedient to promote those purposes and the industry, except that the PPLA shall not engage in any activity prohibited by Federal or State law or act in any manner inconsistent with the PPLA’s Certificate of Incorporation or these Bylaws, as amended from time to time;

The Pharmaceutical Printed Literature Association (PPLA) will serve as the voice of pharmaceutical printed package information manufacturers, providing a forum for members to promote and improve the delivery of information for the protection of patients and to support health care professionals, to advocate our interests to legislative and regulatory agencies, to support our member’s economic well-being, and to provide industry education to promote our mission.

PPLA Membership Benefits

By pooling financial resources and the cooperative investment of our time & effort, members enjoy the benefits of a more effective larger scale effort towards the mission of the PPLA, including:

  • Retention and support from the advocacy firm which leads and manages legislative and agency meetings and communications and coordinates member efforts internally and with other like-minded organizations. 
  • Pooled financial resources enabling us to support research to promote and improve patient safety through the use of relevant and understandable printed medical information that accompanies drug products.
  • Coordinated visits to Washington D.C. by all member companies to meet with legislators and Government agencies regarding printed consumer medical information.
  • The opportunity to network with Member Companies, including potential suppliers, partners, and agencies.
  • Up-to-date information regarding legislative and rule-making activities affecting our industry.