Patient Safety is Our Business.

The PPLA is the leader in advancing patient safety through the use of printed medical information.

Our Priorities

To promote and improve patient safety, through the use of accessible, relevant and understandable printed medical information that accompanies drug products.

To advocate for printed literature, since research proves people desire printed information for technically complicated communications.

To increase the body of knowledge, and educate regarding the importance of printed literature.

What We Advocate For

The PPLA is committed to advocating for policies to keep medication information on paper – for patient health and safety.

Why I Need Information on Paper?

“Medication information on paper is what I want because it’s always there when I need it. I’m one of the 33% of Americans who doesn’t have access to the Internet. For me, it’s because of where my family lives.”


“My daughter helps me with my medication and it’s just easier if the information’s on paper and attached right to the bottle. Besides, I don’t know how to use a computer!”


Public Opinion is Clear – Keep Printed Information!

400 pharmacists across the U.S. participated in a study revealing:


have experienced loss of internet connection.


believe that printed professional inserts should remain available in addition to e-labeling.


have provided professional inserts to patients.