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Sample Email or Letter Content

Feel free to use this wording as is, or edit, as you like. You can also copy and paste this language into an email using the Congressional contact links in the previous section.

SUBJ: Keeping Package Inserts Available on Paper:

Dear [Senator or Representative],

Since 2009, the Food and Drug Administration has indicated it intends to propose a rule requiring electronic availability for medication Labeling Content (Package Insert) in lieu of paper. I oppose this rule, remains listed in the Unified Agenda, as an agency priority. (RIN: 0910-AG18)

Electronic information is not always available, and getting to the official, FDA-approved Package Insert, versus winding up on a marketing site, can be a difficult journey. I need my healthcare providers to have scientific, unbiased information to help guide them and me in my medical care.

And the information provided directly to patients by pharmacies, as shown by academic studies, is of poor quality and unregulated.

Please push for better quality Consumer Medication Information, not only for me but for all your other constituents – and do NOT let the FDA take away the paper Package Insert, so valuable not only to my caregivers but also to me.

It is shocking that scientific, unbiased, consistent information does not accompany every prescription issued in the United States. It would be totally unacceptable for the FDA to take away the one manufacturer-written, FDA-approved document containing that information that accompanies all drugs throughout the U.S. supply chain.


[Name and Contact Information]