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Contact Congress

How To Find Email Addresses for Your Representatives and Senators

Go to


Instructions are to the left; if you enter your 9-digit zip, your Representative and both Senators will come up, with the email address and phone number readily available.

Through Official House and Senate Sites

To find your Representative, go to


Enter your zip code or home address

When your Representative’s name comes up, click on the name in blue and it will take you to his or her website. From here find out how to contact them via email – for some it is easy, there will be a tab or block saying “email me”; for others it takes a bit of work; for example, one Representative has a “How Can I Help” tab and a “Resources” tab – the email contact form was actually under the “Resources” tab. As a last resort, call the office and ask.

To find your state’s two Senators, go to


Use the drop down menu to pick your state – the email contact is right under the Senator’s name.

When you are ready, either write an email in your own words, or you can use the text in the next section of the site as the basis for an email. Feel free to use it as is or edit it, as you like.