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Get Involved

Since the founding of the Pharmaceutical Printed Literature Association (PPLA) in 2001, its members have learned a great deal about how to participate in the legislative and regulatory processes in Washington D.C. Probably the most important contributor to our effectiveness is our consistency and reliability in educating our Representatives and Senators about the issues.

This March 2019 letter, led by Representatives Peter Welch and Buddy Carter, to US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, is a recent example of PPLA advocacy at work.

While PPLA members visit Washington regularly, we also stay in contact with the staff members we have gotten to know, as well as the representatives and senators who have embraced our issue. This is easy to do via email.

3 Ways To Get Involved

Here’s how you can help improve access to scientific information for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals:

  1. Ask for information from your caregivers and your pharmacist – the more you know, the more you can be involved in healthcare for yourself and your family and friends. Ask your pharmacist for a copy of the Package Insert – they will usually have a paper copy at hand for you.
  2. Contact your federal representative, senators, or better, all of them. We’ve included instructions on how to contact Congress in this website. And we have provided sample email content for you to use as is or simply as a guide to write your own. As we have learned over the years, our representatives and senators want to hear what their constituents are thinking.
  3. Donate to the PPLA and join us in our efforts to keep medication information on paper. The PPLA is a non-profit organization and donations can be made out to:

    The Pharmaceutical Printed Literature Association
    c/o Nosco, Inc.
    2199 N. Delany Road
Gurnee, IL 60031
Attn: Russ Haraf